Hello all Bead-a-holics! and Welcome to The Bead Cache!

You'll find The Bead Cache located at 3307 South College Ave, unit #103 in Fort Collins, Colorado. We've worked for the past 15 years to shape it into what we believe is one of the finest Bead shops in Colorado.

Welcome to our Website! Come on in!

We're Buck, I'm the Blue Merle, and my gal Lily, the Black Tri.

Our humans, Heidi, Dawn, Jan, Carol and Lauren, work here with us, along with a few others now and again. They do a pretty fine job of collecting the finest selection of Beads, findings, and just about all of the other miscellaneous 'Bead Stuff' you might want, from all over the world, that you'll find in Northern Colorado.

The fine job they do supports me in my pursuit of Dog Agility Championship Titles all over the country!

Just so ya'll know, Heidi, Lily, me and Brian are off for the last year and more on a Yondering RV "Walkabout". :) That's worked out pretty fine, since Dawn is there to take care of you as the Resident Manager. So stop in and see her and My good friend Bella!

What they have created, a place of Atmosphere and Inspiration, has made The Bead Cache one of the finest Bead Stores in the country... and a must visit location, if you're traveling in the area... of course, that's just my humble opinion. :-)

... So Lily and I have decided to keep 'em for a while! It's nice to know, that when I'm out competing for more Championship Titles in Dog Agility, The Bead Cache, back home in Colorado, is in good hands.

It was Heidi's opinion, and Dawn agreed, that we should make the Bead Cache website something 'special'... Something a bit unique, not just more of the store... only online. Since they've both been around the Bead World for a bit... Lily and I thought taking their educated advice might make some sense.

So... We talked it over and agreed as well, that it sounded like a barking good idea; The result being, that what we're planning on presenting to you here, are pages of Bead information, Different Beading Techniques, a little Bead History... up coming events...

... and plenty of other ideas...

... All seasoned with plans including showcasing, here at The Bead Cache Online, up and coming Bead Artists and Designers...

Also floating around the Bead Table are possible ideas for a few ebooks, detailing Beading Techniques, to shorten the learning curve for adding those techniques to your Beading repertoire.

I'll bet you didn't expect vocabulary like that from a dog... did you?!

Well prepared with the information, skills and inspiration you'll receive from those pages, you will find the best selection, of the most unique Beads and gorgeous Bead artistry we can find...

There's been plenty goin' on. With the difficulties of the last few years We got a bit behind with the website... but... The Bead Cache has survived those last few years of turmoil in the Bead World!... and we've still got a lot planned for you! Keep in Touch! Come back once in a while and see what's new and happening!

Now... just a couple comments... Please, have a little patience. These keyboards were designed for fingers... Hitting the right keys is not an easy thing… Especially when you have to do it with a PAW! So it takes me a lil' while to get a page built.

... and spelling! Now, you’re really starting to ask for a lot… I’m an Agility Champion…Dog… Not a Journalist! But I'm working as fast as I can!

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